About Using the Inflatable Arch

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When it comes to opening ceremonies and fairs, trade fairs and other activities, the inflatable arch are important. The suitable inflatable arch can represent the proper image of the corporations. It shows the strength of the corporation and easy to publicize their reputations.

How to set up the inflatable arch? There are several steps below.
Firstly, fix the power cord properly. We should make sure it does not impact the open or close of the door. It is also important to fix it well organized, so that the customers won’t stumble due to the power cord.
Secondly, take the inflatable arch from the package and spread it out. Tie the four D-rings behind and in front of the inflatable arch tightly by one head of the ropes. For the other head of the ropes, you should find some fixity such as trees or something. 
Thirdly, give the sand bags for the two feet of the inflatable arch. The sand bags can help the inflatable arch fixed into the ground.
Fourthly, blow up the inflatable arch and adjust the site of the inflatable arch.
Fifth, before using the inflatable arch, users have to check the weather last night. If it is windy, you should prepare more sand bags to stake the inflatable arch. If the wind is strong, it is not supposed to set up the inflatable arch.
Finally, when the arch is using, and people knock the power down by accident, it won’t cause problems. We can get power back again and the inflatable arch can stand up again.
After setting up the inflatable arch, we also need to pay attention to it. The weddings or starting business always have petards. Make sure to keep the petards from the inflatable products away 6 meters. The petards may hurt the inflatable products and cause broken. And it also not allows sharp things such as branches, rocks to rush the inflatable arch. Only setting up and maintain the inflatable arch in the proper way can the arch use for a long time.
The inflatable arch is light and easy to carry. It can re-use, and convenient to clean. It is also easy to inflate and deflate. After deflation, the inflatable arch can be packed and save much room. What’s more, it is inexpensive. In short, the inflatable arch is of many advantages, it’s durable and can increase the reputation. It is worth to have one for the business or activities.
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About Using the Inflatable Arch

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About Using the Inflatable Arch

This article was published on 2012/05/15